Ampehre, v1.0.0 is now available at our github repository

Feature improvements:

The APAPI library wraps the well-known Performance Application Programming Interface (PAPI) library and implements the libmeasure interface. This way applications using libmeasure, such as our hettime tool, are able to make use of PAPI.

APAPI depends on several extensions that we made to PAPI components. Our changes can be found in the papi branch, that is also included as a submodule in the papi folder. When cloning our repository make sure to add submodules using

git clone --recursive [...]

To use the library instead of libmeasure force the loading of For example to let hettime use the library start hettime this way:

LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/ hettime [...]

For more information about the usage of the APAPI library check the readme file in the APAPI subfolder.

Check out the Ampehre documentation for more informations about the current version.